Diploma Courses

Affiliated to Sports Karate Karnataka

Association of Sports Karate India

World Sports Karate Federation

World Full Contact Karate Federation

Member of International Non-Olympic Committee

Recognized by Ministry of Youth affairs and Sports, Government of India

Nehru Yuva Kendra Sanghatan

International Non-Olympic University


You can have any experience you would like to learn Martial Arts. Enjoy Exhilarating outdoor adventures such as Full contact Karate or taking a thrilling fight over the opposite opponent.

Seiko Shiyandhe

Veena P


Deputy Chief Instructor of Osko Kai,

​Vice President of WFKF,

Secretary General of WWSKF

Pararthah Mahaguru

Soke Dr D Muniruddin Sheriff


Grand Master of Osho Kai

Founder and President of WFKF

Our Masters

We look forward to celebrating with you...



Sujaana Guru

Seiko Renshi S Krishna Murthy


Chief Examiner,

​Ex-Officio Executive Vice President of Osho Kai

Secretary General of WFKF, National Vice President of ASKI,

​General Secretary of ASKK

Diploma in Martial Science (DMSc)

PG Diploma in Martial Science (PGDMSc)

Graduate Diploma in teaching Martial Science (GDTMSc)

Master Diploma in teaching Martial Science (MDTMSc)

Kuththuvarisai (Mother of Martial Art)

Karate (Full Contact)

Muaythai (Kick Boxing)

Aiki-Jiujitsu (Throwing and Breaking Art)

Kubudo (Weapons like Stick, Nanchak and Sword)

Mixed Martial Arts

Self Defence (With and without Weapons)